Derbyshire's premier rock band STATELINE were formed in 1987 by former THUNDERCHILDE members Phil Allen [vocals] and Tim Brown [keyboards].

Completed by bassist Andy Mott, guitarist Taff Jenkins and drummer Mark Callaghan, this original line up began by recording the 4 track "Dancing With Strangers" cassette which received favourable reviews in both the National and European rock press.

A lengthy tour was undertaken in support of the cassette's release, but before the final dates could be completed [including STATELINE'S London debut] Andy Mott left the band.

Former COLD STEEL / BLITZ bassist Andy Fletcher was quickly recruited and the gigs continued with new songs introduced at every opportunity.

In January '89 two of the new songs - Emergency and Young Wild & Dangerous were released as a double A sided single on the bands own "DEDRATE" label.

Engineering and production duties on the single were handled by Geoff Lyth whose past credits had included DEF LEPPARD and JOHN PARR.

Another lengthy tour was completed, and through this double exposure rock DJ Colin Slade nominated STATELINE as the Radio Hallam and Pennine Representatives in a national rock competition organized by Raw magazine to showcase the best British talent.

With record companies now showing an interest, plans to demo new material were temporarily halted with the departure of guitarist Taff Jenkins and drummer Mark Callaghan.

Following extensive auditioning throughout late '89 / early '90 and after an overwhelming response to ads in the national rock publications, guitarist Glenn Johnson [ex SWEET REVENGE / OVERNIGHT ANGELS] and former LARRIKIN drummer Rick Chandler were invited to join the band.

The introduction of the new members brought immediate rewards in creativity and musicianship, and after two months writing and rehearsing a 30 date tour was undertaken.

Once those dates were completed new crowd favourites - Can't Get Enough, Forever, Searchin' and Enough Is Enough were demo'd at Nottingham's Frontier studio between 24th / 27th August 1990.

The quality of these demo’s brought about increased interest from major labels and a recommendation from Kerrang in their traditional end of year round up as a band to watch out for  in 1991.

Whether performing their trademark anthemic stadium rockers or sensitive ballads, and with a reputation for an exciting and highly visual stage presentation, STATELINE continued to go from strength to strength during the early part of ’91 culminating in reaching the final of the UK Battle Of The Bands competition.

Unfortunately immediately after the final appearance Rick Chandler decided to quit under bizarre circumstances and this ultimately proved to be one personnel change too far with STATELINE eventually splitting up with the remaining band members  going their separate ways in late '91.

Vocalist Phil Allen and bassist Andy Fletcher went on to work in several bands throughout the mid 90’s with Phil eventually rejoining former THUNDERCHILDE bassist Jamie Burns in THE IDLE HANDS Blues Band who continue to gig regularly and enjoy a reputation as one of the UK’s most promising blues bands.

Keyboard player TIM BROWN remains musically active composing synth rock instrumental music, and original guitarist Taff Jenkins fronts the very successful THIN LIZZY tribute band TWIN LIZZY.           

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1987 - ‘Dancin’ With Strangers’ ( 4 Track Cassette )

Tracks : Borderline / Perfect Timing / Rescue / Love Don’t Go /

Line Up : Phil Allen (v) , Tim Brown (k)  , Mark Callaghan (d) , Taff Jenkins (g) ,Andy Mott (b)

1989 – ‘Emergency / Young Wild & Dangerous’ (Double A Sided Single) Line Up : Phil Allen (v) , Tim Brown (k)  , Mark Callaghan (d) , Taff Jenkins (g) , Andy Fletcher (b)  

1990 –  ‘Forever’ 4 Track Demo CD Tracks : Can’t Get Enough / Forever / Searchin’ / Enough Is Enough

Line Up : Phil Allen (v) , Tim Brown (k)  , Rick Chandler (d) , Glenn Johnson (g) , Andy Fletcher (b)                             



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